Alliance Rules

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Alliance Rules

Post  kingoFmagE on Sat Aug 04, 2012 2:14 pm

All Alliance members should familiarize themselves with these rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.
*General Guidelines

-Keep vulgarity and spamming to a minimum. Because there is no way to fully know the age, maturity, or sensibilities of everyone in every guild in the Alliance, all profanity, useless talk and immature content is to remain out of Alliance Chat or Alliance threads.

-Respect other alliance mates and alliance guilds. You do not have to agree with everyone, you do not even have to like everyone, but you do have to treat everyone in the alliance with civility and respect. If there is an issue between two people that cannot be resolved peacefully between them, then report it to an chief or leader of an alliance guild or myself immediately and we will decide the course of action to take.

-Be considerate to other players beliefs and values. Not everyone's beliefs and ideologies are the same. Derogatory ans sarcastic comments including references to a player's race, religion, sexuality, notionality or ethnicity will not be tolerated. Refer to Rule 2.

-Remember, you represent not only yourself, but your entire guild. Try to refrain from taunting or making derogatory or provoking comments to alliance mates or opponents in PvP matches, as this reflects badly on the entire alliance.

-Respect alliance rules, and remember that you represent the guild when speaking in alliance chat. If the alliance reports a problem with a member, that member will be judged accordingly.

*Individual Guild Guidelines

-Every guild is responsible for their own members. If one member misbehaves, the entire guild is responsible. As such, alliance guilds should be careful who they recruit, and should have a set of rules and regulations in place as well as procedures for dealing with out-of-line members. If poor behavior by a member of a guild in the alliance is causing a problem, that guild will be warned, and then removed from the alliance if the member or members' behavior continues.

-Guilds in the Alliance should try to interact with each other. Please maintain a helpful and friendly enviroment.

-Guilds are expected to enforce alliance rules.

*Alliance Chat Guidelines

-Absolutely no profane language or mature conversation on Alliance Chat.

-keep alliance chat calm and clear from aimless talk. and keep your arguements away from alliance chat.

-NO SPAMMING! Say it once, say it twice, but do not constantly repeat the same thing over and over. Spammers will be dealt with.

-Guild leaders and chiefs are responsible for their members on Alliance Chat.


If a member is found in violation of the rules of the Alliance, judgement will be formed by guild leaders.

Warning For:
Minor Flaming
Attitude problems

Expulsion for:
Major Flaming
Multiple warnings

If a member of an alliance guild is found in constant violation of alliance rules, the guild will be dismissed from alliance.. Guild Leaders and chiefs Do not let this happen to you! Deal with out-of-line members quickly and avoid punishment by the Alliance as a whole!

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